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We are looking for someone experienced and skilled at building websites, web-enabled apps, has a knack for communicating with clients, and also a bit of a strategist. Must have great attention to detail and manage your inbox well.

How do you know if you’re a good fit for this position?

  • You may call yourself a coder, designer, UI/UX designer/developer, but whatever it is, you love making beautifully designed sites and apps that serve users in the most intelligent, intuitive, and efficient way possible
  • You consider a user interface a piece of art
  • You consider it play to code up fancy user experiences and custom jQuery plugins
  • You have spent 40+ hours trying to get a combo box control to look and feel just right
  • You have coded your own widget because you just couldn’t stand the way an off-the-shelf widget worked with your app
  • Your Pinterest account is full of web/app screenshots that you find attractive

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

You will slice up and program websites. You will work closely with the design team, helping to refine requirements to find a perfect blend of usability and functionality. You’ll write WordPress themes, plugins, ajax routines, javascript libraries, SQL, web-service calls, and other fun geeky stuff.

  • You will be accountable for technical vision and operational decisions related to front-end functional development and related mobile experience.
  • You will be responsible for related technical design and development
  • You will be responsible for staying current with relevant and emerging technologies for web and mobile.
  • Manage web projects and provide daily operational support
  • Work closely with Deployment to ensure successful deployment of all projects
  • Write advanced code (XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, XML, JSON, PHP) that works cross-browser and in mobile environments
  • Research, evaluate, and recommend technology and process solutions based on existing business requirements and future directions
  • Work with UI teams to help develop business and functional requirements, wireframes, and storyboards.

Web strategy development: You will work our strategy/sales team to help define valuable solutions for our clients. You will use your knowledge and experience in building sites to help define scope and budget for features that require custom development or integration.

Interface/user-experience design: You will help conceive and develop creative solutions and user-experiences for our clients and work with our graphics and programming teams to ensure that project expectations are met.

Front-end/Back-end implementation: You will use your own coding skills to write CSS/HTML, Javascript and build AJAX routines, or write WordPress themes and plug-ins and other PHP code from scratch.

Project coordination and client communication: You will communicate with team members on a daily basis to ensure tasks are being completed correctly and meeting our own high standards. You will communicate with clients, keeping them aware of progress, responding to requests, and continually refining scope.


You must have great attention to detail, be self-motivated and well organized, and demonstrate the following characteristics:

  • Excellent communication skills and able to work both independently and as part of a team.
  • Organized, detail-oriented, efficient, and accurate
  • Self-directed and able to work with limited supervision
  • Excellent interpersonal, and problem-solving skills
  • Friendly and courteous customer service skills
  • Flexible, dependable, and willing to assist as needed
  • You will be expected to work hard and produce intelligent, well-thought out work
  • You will need to love learning new things and love your job!

Technical Skills:

  • Experience creating WordPress themes and plugins
  • Knowledge of WordPress best practices, tools, popular plugins, administration
  • Able to write cross-browser code (IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome)
  • Comprehensive understanding of and experience working with AJAX and Javascript libraries


Education: BS+ degree in related field or equivalent experience*

*We certainly appreciate the education provided by a degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Human Interface Design, Information Systems, or whatever else they’re calling it these days. We’ve got plenty of those on staff. But we’ve also met plenty, even PhDs, that couldn’t code their way out of box! If you’ve got massive amounts of talent, then we encourage you to apply, regardless of whether you have a degree or not!

Location: This opportunity is for on-site employment at our headquarters in Des Moines, Iowa. If you don’t currently reside in Iowa, be sure to include some explanation in your cover letter as to why you love Des Moines.

Experience: 3+ years building websites, web apps, mobile apps, UI functional analysis, or relevant experience.

  • Must have strong passion for web and emerging technologies
  • Must possess strong technical, business and design sense
  • Must be detailed oriented and customer focused
  • Must have excellent time management and research skills
  • Must have the ability to work in a fast-paced, multidiscipline environment, the ability to work well with a team, ability to manage multiple time sensitive priorities, and good written and oral communication skills
  • Ability to hand-author XTML and CSS
  • Ability to write original JavaScript, AJAX, XML, JSON, HTML4/5 and CSS2/3, PHP
  • Demonstrate understanding of user-centered design principals
  • Knowledge of user interface design, usability, information architecture, wireframes, navigational flow diagrams, storyboarding, and human factors

About Us:

We are a creative digital agency with a focus on mobile and web development, and online marketing. Each year our team of talented designers and experienced developers create apps and sites that delight our customers and win dozens of local and national awards.

We build fancy websites, most of the time using WordPress as our content management system. We never use a pre-built theme, other than our own custom “starter theme”. We do use a well-vetted set of plugins, but we’ll also almost always create our own custom plugins, often with a REACT, Angular, or otherwise fancy UI. We always consider the mobile experience, and we constantly ask ourselves, “How can we do better?”

How to apply:

Please send your resume and cover letter to jobs@flyinghippo.com

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