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  • Eric Groves

    Eric Groves +


    Lately Eric has been morphing into a cowboy. Not sure why. Probably a mid-life crisis — he’s at that age when guys like to change things up. One day he comes to the office looking all designerly and the next day it looks like he’s fixin’ to do chores on the back forty. Lots of funky western shirts with pearl buttons, occasional cowboy boots— haven’t seen a cowboy hat yet (thank goodness!), but we wouldn’t be shocked if he walked in one day sporting one. If he does, we’ll know the transformation is complete.

  • Ryan Parlee

    Ryan Parlee +


    Ryan has a brilliant mind…..most of the time. Yes, he’s as sharp as a tack when it comes to web architecture and he’s fluent in dozens of languages that only a computer chip could appreciate, but when it comes to every day, around-the-house smarts, well……not so much. You see, he once was teaching his young kids the intricacies of building smoke bombs and by the time he was done with his mini science experiment, half the kitchen was gone and six firetrucks came to visit the Parlee household. They did end up with a completely remodeled kitchen when all was said and done, and he claims it was all part of the plan.

  • Scott Helms

    Scott Helms +


    You probably recognize Scott from his performance in the movie “Whiteboyz.” No?! You’re kidding! Okay, it had a total box office draw of $34… but man, Scott really let his acting chops loose in this flick. The way he molded perfectly into the two-second background scene along with 35 other extras was impressive stuff! If they ever give an Oscar for best performance for a non-speaking, barely visible, leaning-against-a-wall, most-likely-never-to-be-noticed person in a terribly awful movie, the vote would have to go to Scott.

  • John Anderson

    John Anderson +

    Creative Director

    Despite having a name that Tom Cruise might use to check into a hotel – John Anderson as a person contradicts his generic moniker. John is an accomplished musician who writes and composes ditties that sound like they’re right out of the 80’s…on purpose. He also has serious acting chops and was awarded the Iowa High School All-State Actor of the Year in 2004! With those sort of accolades, John is almost famous! Come to think of it, maybe John Anderson isn’t his real name after all.

  • Jesse Balmer

    Jesse Balmer +


    There’s a shooter in the house, and we couldn’t be happier. Jesse, aka J-balm, is our video shooter with a right to carry. And boy, is this dude packin’ some heat. He honed his craft at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, and then brought his artsy-fartsy talents back to Des Moines. Around here, J-balm is da bomb behind the camera and inside the editing suite where he cranks out killer commercials and brand videos faster than you can say viral. But wait, there’s more. Jesse is also a skilled jazz pianist. Listen closely and you’ll hear some of his keyboard mastery on our videos. This talented punk is our Thelonious Monk.

  • Alex Boisjolie

    Alex Boisjolie +

    Digital Content Strategist

    Little did you know we employ an internationally ranked Tetris player. Alex is a serious stud at stacking shapes and creative writing. We heard as a kid he built a huge wall using those alphabet blocks and spelled out a poem about nap time! His favorite tetromino (a Tetris nerd’s way to say “shape”) is the straight line because it’s long and misunderstood—like his last name. Speaking of shapes, he likes to stay in shape. He runs marathons! But more often than not, he finds himself racing after 26.2 chicken wings.

  • Justin Cateron

    Justin Cateron +

    Director of Web Services

    Justin is a Des Moines native and our director of web services, which means he’s on-point when it comes to online branding and marketing. Technology is not only a big part of his life, but it also saved his life. At the beginning of COVID he nearly died. Thanks to the ICD (Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillator) in his chest, his heart is beating better than ever. We’re just glad he has a heart and talent for being a dynamic developer. When he’s not online, he enjoys being outdoors boating and traveling with his awesome family.

  • Lynn Cutshall

    Lynn Cutshall +

    Hippo Engineer

    Lynn lives for food. Seriously. We think the only reason he works is so that he can frequent the many fine dining establishments in the area. He’s developed a very sophisticated palette over the years and claims he can actually taste the difference between a chalupa and an enchilada from Taco John’s! Actually, he’s introduced our staff to a plethora of varied and interesting dining experience. If he could change careers he would love to be a critic of fine eateries and write a daily column for the Des Moines Register. He even came up with a snappy name for the column – “Lynn’s Guide for Avoiding Salmonella.” Hey, a man’s gotta dream!

  • Ashley Edwards

    Ashley Edwards +

    Office Manager

    Ashley is very nice, smart and pretty, but she definitely has some quirks. For instance, she no longer wears closed-toe shoes because she says her toes were choking from “lack of oxygen” and that this in turn caused a chemical imbalance that resulted in random hiccups. I think I believe her because, until recently, she would periodically let out very loud, bark-like sounds that resonated throughout the office. They resembled hiccups, but smelled like socks. Now that the closed-toe shoes are gone, we’re all better off.

  • Brian Fiser

    Brian Fiser +

    Director of Photography

    Brian, aka Mr. Flip-The-Switch, graces us everyday with the biggest of smiles and most friendliest of demeanors. There’s just something about his aura when he walks in that makes you want to give him a big hug. For fear of litigation, I’ll stop there… do NOT hug this man. The only hug you’ll get from this collegiate wrestler is the air-stopping grizzly bear variety. But, if you do say “Uncle” quick enough, be sure to ask him about his multiple Emmy awards and his biggest passion outside of family, the wrestling team he coaches. You should also ask to see a picture of him in his wrestling singlet. Talk about a pin-up!

  • Megan Halsch

    Megan Halsch +

    Account Manager

    Megan is confident she sings with a beautiful soprano voice. But from the vocals we’ve heard, we think she should sing tenor… fifteen miles away from us. However, Megan makes up for her lack of vocal ability with her strong work ethic, enthusiasm and personality.  

    She’s also an old soul when it comes to tunes. If you ever see a pretty girl driving around blaring ragtime music—it’s probably Megan! She does have a confession… *whisper voice*… She’s a closet Taylor Swift fan… *loud voice* … She just can’t shake it off, shake it off!

  • Kristin Kerr

    Kristin Kerr +

    Account Services Director

    You know how sometimes you can tell what a person is like just by looking at them? Well, that is not the case with Kristin. By all appearances she’s a buttoned-up professional, but behind the petite, mild-mannered exterior lies a slightly twisted daredevil in heels. Let me paint the picture. She once felt the need to swim with sharks (yes, sharks…with pointy teeth!) Why, you ask? No, stinkin’ clue – I told you, she’s twisted. She also loves the horror flicks. “Slash and gore, give me more!” – that’s her mantra. Her favorite movie? “Jaws” of course.

  • Jared Raney

    Jared Raney +

    Digital Marketing Specialist

    Mr. Raney is no trainee. He grew up in Ames, Iowa longing to someday be an author, inventor, or a member of the X-Men. No book deals or inventions and, as far as we know, he didn’t become one of the X-Men. But, as a Hippo, he’s a digital dynamo. This social media mutant performs superhuman marketing feats that are sharper than Wolverine’s retractable claws with website insights that would make Peter Parker’s Spidey-Sense tingle. Need a boost in your online presence, go insaney with Raney. Jared’s other social (non-media) skills include hiking, paddle boarding, and tailgating at an ISU game. Don’t tell him Hawkeye is an Avenger.

  • Jerry Stoner

    Jerry Stoner +

    Director of Brand Voice Development

    Weed be remiss if we didn’t mention Jerry Stoner’s stellar resume over his 30-plus year career. He’s written national ad campaigns for some heavy hitters such as McDonald’s, Chevrolet, Napa Auto Parts and Domino’s Pizza. On top of that, he acts, sings and has 25 grandchildren! What can’t he do? He truly smokes everyone when it comes to thinking of creative ideas that get results. But to be blunt, the only THC he hits is Totally Hilarious Content.

  • David Warren

    David Warren +

    Web Developer

    This is the bio of David Warren

    He grew up somewhere foreign

    In a Russian town that’s hard to spell

    And he’s been to ten countries, as well


    But there’s more than meets the eye

    Then just a web-development guy

    He loves to write poetry

    As you can probably see


    He’s an accomplished theater actor

    He admits his cooking is a disaster

    He once told a story about his chili exploding

    (He better just stick to coding)


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