Product Design

Just do it

When Nike calls and says that they want you to design a new golf accessory line, well…you just do it. They had three distinct product lines that we designed: SQ, Tiger Woods and Victory. Each line of products had its own unique identity, but needed to remain undeniably tied to the overarching brand’s internationally-recognized style. Over four years, we developed and designed new products all with aesthetics and functionality in mind.

Tiger Woods


Victory Red


We rethought the functionality and user experience of every accessory. From creating lines on the tees to remember your tee off “sweet spot,” to how the umbrella would open or even the shape of a cleaning cloth, we wanted not only to extend the brand, but find differentiation in an existing market. Working alongside a mammoth brand like Nike was a hole-in-one.

We'll be nike's caddie any day.

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