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Wellmark Grand Blue Mile


Running with a good idea

Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield is more than Iowa’s largest health insurance provider. They are committed to creating a culture of health that encourages physical activity and general wellness. They came to PUSH to build a new event — what is now known as the Grand Blue Mile — from the ground up.

We created a unique identity for the Grand Blue Mile that positioned it as a premier event with a deep commitment to wellness and the Des Moines community. We wanted to tell the story of Wellmark’s history in the area and the importance of the health of their customers.


From Des Moines to Johannesburg

The Grand Blue Mile has risen to international acclaim, attracting top mile runners from around the globe.

Not only did we create a unique story and identity for the new event, but we worked directly with Wellmark’s internal marketing team to develop strategies for telling that story throughout the community. Billboard, radio, print, and online campaigns were created to build awareness. We also designed direct recruitment campaign collateral and an interactive microsite that served as home base for the event.

We developed campaigns to reach targeted audiences across the Midwest and beyond, building visibility for the event among key groups. These ads communicated that the event was created to be accessible by runners (or walkers) of all ages and abilities.


PUSH for the finish

Wellmark wanted a home on the web dedicated entirely to the event. We built a site that connected their company and their event with prospective and current participants as well as past runners.

Whether people are looking for tips on training to improve their time, wanted to see photos from last year’s run, or were ready to register for the next event, the Grand Blue Mile site has everything in one central location.


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