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Respite Connection


Spreading the love

Respite Connection has built a strong reputation among their current clients as a values-driven organization providing exceptional respite care services.

While this opinion was shared among those who had worked with them, outsiders often had a different view. Their brand needed a new look to lend a sense of professional gravitas,  help them earn more trust in the broader community, and ultimately give them the opportunity to help more families.

We started by digging deep into the core of their brand and the values that drive what they do. We uncovered an unwavering optimism and warmth. This inspired us to create a brand that felt bright and in bloom, including a new mark, new colors, and a complete identity system to weave their message into everything they do.


The Respite Connection’s core values helped guide our creative process as we created a brand of compassion and embrace.

Changing the mood

Respite Connection’s website needed to carry in the same warmth and care of their new identity, but also be extremely functional for multiple audiences.

Users come to the site seeking a variety of information and potential customers not only want to know how Respite can help, but also feel comfortable that Respite is the right choice to care for their loved one.

We created a website that accomplishes all of these goals. Not only did we create a design that feels both modern and warm, but we also restructured the site content and created clear paths for the various audiences to find the information they need. Personal testimonials and in-depth company information add the rich connection that potential customers need to feel confident about choosing The Respite Connection.


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