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Nike had three distinct product lines that we designed: SQ, Tiger Woods, and Victory.


Working with the best

Athletes all around the globe look to Nike to not only provide high-quality sports products, but to inspire and motivate them to reach new levels of personal achievement and physical performance.

Nike looked to us to communicate that passion and drive as they updated their golf line to position themselves for new growth in a burgeoning market.

We were asked to design umbrellas, towels, divot tools, travel bags, and other accessories across Nike’s multiple lines of golf products. Each line of products had its own unique identity, but needed to remain undeniably tied to the overarching brand’s internationally-recognized style.


Finding the fairway

Preserving the existing brand identity was important, but ultimately we needed to reinvent the line for future growth. At the time, Nike was still finding its place as a major player in the golf market and our work helped them connect with golfers at every level, from pros to putt-putt players.


Over four years, we developed and designed new products, elevating an already-massive brand profile. Our creative approach targeted clear market opportunities for a unique brand look that allowed Nike to not only extend their brand, but to find differentiation in an existing and mature market.

We pitched Nike on changing their slogan to “Just PUSH it”. They didn’t go for it.


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