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Call it as you see it

MODUS — formerly Gilmore + Doyle — was a successful firm, but they were losing out on business because their outdated identity felt stiff and uninspired. The engineering firm was on the leading edge of sustainable design and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified work. They needed a brand identity that projected this to potential clients.

We worked with MODUS to develop an entirely new brand identity that would position the firm as modern, cutting-edge, and — most importantly — a critical player for top-tier engineering projects. The rebranding included creating a new name and logo, developing collateral and marketing materials, and building a new website. Each component resonated the brand’s new, savvy persona.

The architecture-inspired, split-type MODUS  logo won a national award for its uniqueness, creativity, and voice.

Sending the right signals

A name can say a lot, and in this case the old name was simply saying the wrong thing. Our first challenge was to create a new name that was the catalyst for an entirely new brand.

The re-invented name, MODUS, helped them rise above a cluttered industry of acronyms and last names to re-position themselves as something more than “another engineering firm.”

The name was the genesis for a fresh and modern identity system that won awards and won business for the brand. At least one client chose MODUS for their project based simply on the creativity of their logo and business card. That’s the power of a well-executed brand.


Brand reveal invitations had a 75% response rate, attracting nearly 300 potential clients to the event.

In person and on paper

MODUS is a brand defined by creative, beautiful, and ecological design. Naturally, their headquarters is a showcase of their exceptional work and talent, and it’s also an extension of the new brand identity — a real-life space that gives dimension to the MODUS brand experience. We helped extend the identity into their working space through environmental design.

The new MODUS brand was revealed in high style. Modern, smart, and playful mailers went out to potential clients in the Des Moines area, inviting them to the rebranding party.


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