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Iowa State University


BFFs with ISU

If you’ve seen an Iowa State University print brochure, Stories magazine, Iowa State Fair booth installation, banner, or other piece over the last 20 years, chances are that you’ve seen our work.

We’ve been a partner with ISU University Marketing for over two decades, managing every type of job imaginable over our long relationship. The University Marketing department handles creative services for all of the university’s other units, which means we have worked with groups from horticulture to history as well as doing work for the university as a brand.


Over 20+ years, we’ve completed more than 5,000 projects for ISU.

Cardinal & Gold at the core

Organizations as large and diverse as Iowa State University often struggle to maintain tight brand consistency across departments, throughout various pieces, and over multiple years.

The rich history of discovery and accomplishment at Iowa State serves as a constant foundation to push our work forward while maintaining ties to the heritage of the institution.

For our part, we have worked closely with ISU’s various departments to implement and shepherd a clear and consistent brand in every form. Through multiple reinventions, identity shifts, and marketing makeovers, we’ve championed a consistent, core brand.


Harmony in progress

With maintaining a consistent brand for ISU, we also need to keep the look fresh and compelling. We strike a balance, finding new ways to express and communicate what makes Iowa State a unique university that offers an experience students can’t find anywhere else.

We’ve also progressed the brand in terms of technology, helping various units reach and attract new generations of digital natives through web design and development, mobile sites, and digital strategy.


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