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From our lab

When a client walks through the door with a piece of ground-breaking technology that has the potential to forever change the lighting industry, you don’t create a boring brand.

From the outset, we knew that IGOR needed the kind of powerful brand that would attract forward-thinking customers looking for state-of-the-art solutions. From that idea, we surveyed the market and found that other brands in the connected lighting space felt boring and technical. So, we created a uniquely human and instantly-recognizable brand that stood out visually from competitors, and has a an attractive voice and persona.

Not only did we develop the name IGOR — a nod to one of the classic sidekicks in literature — but, we also developed brand identity, messaging, and a website that all communicated a core commitment to creating value with break-through technology.


Along with the technology itself, the brand needed to shake up the entire lighting sector. We chose IGOR as an evocative name that would be remembered long after competitors were forgotten.

Not just a bright idea

When we sat down to work out the messaging for IGOR, we knew that we had to create something that was not only catchy and inspiring, but also communicated the important nature of the their product.

There could be no mistake. IGOR was shaking up an industry that had been fairly static for decades. And, it was built on LED lighting technology that only recently begun to disrupt the entire idea of light bulbs as we know them. (Sorry, Edison.)

This technology was not just cool in theory, it is actually reshaping the way lighting and building automation are purchased, installed, controlled, and managed.  We created messaging to communicate that idea.


IGOR’s website has been featured in multiple showcases for exceptional creative and technical execution.

More show than tell

With all of the work done to position the IGOR brand at the forefront of lighting technology, we needed to translate that story into a truly awe-inspiring web experience.

The site that we built couldn’t just be a flashy informational site. We set out to build something that shows in detail how IGOR is fundamentally changing the world of lighting forever. We started with a dramatic introduction to the technology, asking a simple question and creating a desire for visitors to explore further.PUSH_Interior_CS_IGOR_10

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