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Hello, paradise

From the land of the exotic Blue-footed Booby, Olive Ridley, and Red Tailed Monster, Galapagos is your long-overdue vacation in a bottle.

We developed this line of mid-market and high-end wines from cork to crate. Our brand and product naming, brand identity, bottle design, and custom packaging were all created to capture the sights and feelings of uncharted waters and uninhabited lands.


No exotic animals were harmed in the creation of the Galapagos brand.

Open seas and untouched beaches

Inspired by the romantic mystery of a serene island untainted by human intervention, we created three distinct market solutions for a single brand. Each wine has its own look and feel aimed at resonating with unique segments of the wine market.

We tapped the vibrant colors and patterns of some of the world’s rarest creatures to wrap the two lines of white wines in a colorful design. For the Cabernet Sauvignon, we looked to the world of the ancient explorers who first discovered these islands for inspiration, incorporating old-world typography and design that pays homage to the hand-drawn maps used to navigate the globe.

We put each bottle in a wooden crate so it will survive if it’s lost at sea. 




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