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Craft Breweries


Rumbleseat Brewing

There were times when a firm hand shake was more important than a touch screen. In those years, things took more time. They were done deliberately, carefully, and with purpose.

We created a brand that captures the easy sophistication and simple beauty of centuries past. With the brand name as a starting point, we created an identity, packaging, and messaging that told the tale: from the smooth and elegant bottle design to the sturdy wooden crating.

Rumbleseat is a nod to these simpler times, when “hand-crafted” wasn’t a buzzword — it was life.


Back when we created Rumbleseat, we had to walk to school barefoot, in the snow, uphill both ways.

There’s a special place in our hearts (and our stomachs) for a great craft beer. That place is so special, in fact, that we decided to develop our very own brands. What we lack in fermentation and bottling experience, we made up for with brand and product naming, logo design, package design, messaging, identity systems, tap handle design, apparel design, and more.


8 Cylinder Brewing

We created the 8 Cylinder brand as both an homage and a reminder of the by-gone years of big blocks and bigger hair.

The heavy rumble of a V8 engine loping in wait is a sensation rarely felt in this era. But, we looked to the broad-shouldered muscle cars of the 60’s and 70’s to create names, messaging, identity, and packaging that all rev up this classic time in American culture.

With names like Sissy Slapper and Motorhead, this gearhead-inspired line of brews is both a refreshing drink and a statement piece in any mechanic’s garage.

Rumor has it that 8 Cylinder can be used to fuel any vehicle manufactured before 1978. (This is not confirmed. We wouldn’t recommend trying it.)


Ground Floor Brewing

Ground Floor is brewed for those who believe in building something from nothing.

This is the beer brand for a community of crafters and makers. With the same malt, water, and hops that other breweries user, Ground Floor has transformed beer making into an art form.

The brand and packaging that we developed send the message of simple beginnings; a classic style with added detail and sophistication.

Ground Floor is about making something that is more than just the sum of its parts.

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